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Meet Chef Kurt Sombero

Highly skilled in his craft, Chef Kurt Sombero brings a wealth of experience from numerous renowned restaurants, notably Restaurant André, Burnt Ends, and Impressions Restaurant (Manila). He endears himself to diners and critics with his creative use of spices and fresh ingredients.

Fuelled by his drive and talent in traditional barbequing techniques, he has curated a wide range of delectable dishes that proudly showcase his Filipino heritage with the aim of making Filipino cuisine more accessible and appreciated within the local dining scene.

A Home Away From Home


Kubô Woodfired Kitchen redefines the flavours of the Philippines and celebrates the diversity of cultures and ingredients around the world. Our food is inspired by the heritage of Chef Kurt Sombero and his influences. We would like to reinvent the vibrant flavours of the Philippines and reintroduce it to captivate the diverse palates of a multicultural audience. 

At Kubô, we would like to either bring back memories or allow the new generation to experience the honesty of wood-fired barbeque which Chef Kurt enjoyed during his childhood back in the Philippines.

Kubô Classics

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